Initial description :
Ecopipe is the official distributor in Spain of the German manufacturer HÜRNER SCHWEISSTECHNIK GmbH of machines to weld PE. Company specialised in the manufacturing of machinery for PE weld according to nacional and international standards. Availability of equipments for butt fusion and electrofusion fittings, both types authorized by in force regulations in Spain.

Ecopipe has Technical Customer Service (SAT) in our facilities of Barcelona for the maintenance and calibration of equipments. Likewise, we rent machinery..


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Specific description :
HÜRNER SCHWEISSTECHNIK GmbH has butt fusion welding machines, for diameters inclusive between 40mm and 1200mm, very adapted for usual works. Ecopipe supplies equipments for manual and automatic weld.
• Manual and automatic
• Approved by SEDIGAS
• Welding equipments ECO 160, ECO 200, ECO 250 and ECO 315
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Specific description:
HÜRNER SCHWEISSTECHNIK GmbH has electrofusion fittings machines for welding all the diameters used in habitual works. Ecopipe provides the whole range of equipments for electrofusion with the manufacturer, adapted for water and gas instalations. (JUNIOR, JUNIOR+, PRINT, PRINT+).
  • Reading pen and manual option • Welding memory • Approved by SEDIGAS (Print+) • Universal, multivoltage and range of welds up to 710mm